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Chilly weater is tough on a car battery. Cold temperatures impact the power the battery provides. Batteries that are not properly maintained may fail. No one wants to get stuck with a dead car battery on a very cold day. Consider the following tips to keep your car battery strong. READ MORE >>

Spring means getting that RV ready to travel across the country. It also means it’s time to review your RV insurance to make sure you have the right amount of coverage. Talk with an independent insurance agent to make sure your RV is covered for a loss in case of an accident, damage or... READ MORE >>

What are surety bonds and how do they relate to construction? According to the Small Business Administration, a surety bond ensures contract completion if a contractor defaults. They also state that there are four types of surety bonds that relate to construction, which are as follows. 1. READ MORE >>

Transactions in the real estate business involve a lot of money, and many things can go wrong. In our litigious society, getting sued in a real estate deal gone wrong is an ever present possibility. Sometimes the problems are the fault of the seller, yet the real estate agency becomes the target of the lawsuit. READ MORE >>

Anyone can rent a place to live anywhere in the world. Renting is a common option for most people at one time or another in their lives. It is more of a commitment-free way of living than owning a house. A person can decide to leave with little notice. However, with all that freedom there does come a responsibility. READ MORE >>

Teaching your teen to drive is more than preparation for getting his or her license, it is preparation for a lifetime of driving. Make the most of this experience. Follow these tips to make your driving instruction proceed more effectively and smoothly: 1.       Brush Up on the Rules of the Road READ MORE >>

For many families, their RV is their home away from home. However, no matter how frequently or not you utilize your RV, it is vital that you take the proper steps to protect your investment by purchasing a specialized RV insurance policy. The mistake many RV owners make is simply adding their RV to their auto insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Bonds make it possible for businesses to function because they guarantee performance and honesty to potential customers. Bonding companies provide the deep pockets to financially back up a company’s commitments. READ MORE >>

Now that summer has arrived, you're probably looking forward to that well-earned vacation. Before you leave, you need to be aware of conditions in and around your home that could pose a potential hazard. While the kids are home for summer break, get them to help you check things out. READ MORE >>

Cars aren’t just a set of wheels anymore. Rather, car manufacturers are competing with high tech computer systems and features. But do you really need all the bells and whistles? Air conditioned seats may be nice, but they’re not as important as safety features. READ MORE >>

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