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Come tax season, everyone wants to get the biggest tax return they possibly can. But, without proper research and/or professional assistance, many people end up paying more than they truly owe. There are many extensive resources online to help you with your tax return, but here’s a good place to start. READ MORE >>

There are many things to check for before you move into a new place. Being very thorough when scouting a rental property will always be to your advantage, so you don’t end up in a sketchy situation. We compiled a list of what we think will help you when you search for your next rental. READ MORE >>

Each year, the tax credits and deductions offered to small businesses change. With a little planning, you can help minimize your tax burden by taking advantage of the deductions you are entitled to. The Internal Revenue Service website offers a high-level summary of deductible business expenses. READ MORE >>

Renters are all too familiar with security deposits, costing anywhere from $300 to a full month’s rent in advance of moving in. In most cases, the deposit is half (if not fully) refundable, but your landlord can deduct from that amount to fix damages and/or replace property. READ MORE >>

Getting into a car accident is a stressful experience. And, if your car is damaged and has to go to the body shop, it can mean days — even weeks — without your vehicle. So, if you don’t want to rely on family, friends or public transportation while your car is in the shop, you might choose to rent a car. READ MORE >>

Remodeling projects often provide juicy drama—think houses that gobble funds (“The Money Pit”), couples that fight (“The War of the Roses”), and projects that take forever (“Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House”). Of course, life doesn’t have to mimic art. READ MORE >>

Today’s world is becoming increasingly reliant on technological developments so it’s no surprise that businesses are adopting new technologies to keep up with the pace. E-Commerce, email marketing, social media and cloud storage are the new normal and businesses are often expected to join the bandwagon if they’re serious about survival. READ MORE >>

Wintertime brings various driving challenges, from wet, rainy conditions to wind, ice and snow. One factor you might not think about, though, is the length of the nights. The shorter days of winter mean there are more hours of darkness, and that translates to more driving time in the dark. READ MORE >>

If you’re like me, you hate paying for stuff that you don’t use regularly. But insurance is one of those things that I’m willing to grit my teeth and write a check for because it’s a crazy world out there. That doesn’t mean you should just go with the first quote you get, or just blindly accept the recommendations of your insurance guy. READ MORE >>

As we dig deeper into fall, it means one thing: Winter is just around the corner. Take time now to get your car ready for the bad weather to come. Otherwise, you could be stuck at home or, worse yet, along the roadside with a flat tire, a blown engine, a windshield you can’t see out of, or some other problem. READ MORE >>

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